Whose the boss?

Go back to that moment in your childhood – There you are sitting in class, waiting for the teacher to walk in. Its been 5 minutes now, nobody has come, these 30 kids in your class sound like a 100 kids. The class leader (as we use to call them back then, not really sure what fancy term is being used now) would slowly get up and go to the staff room (you  know that big room where all the teachers sat) and would appear back in class bearing this extreme good news that we were hoping for – the teacher is on leave and there is no substitute!!! All hell would break lose then! (in a good though)

Now imagine you all grown up, sitting in office with this huge pile of papers on your desk (Who even knows what is in it anymore. Don’t pretend like you are better than me!!), reminiscing about the good old school days and all of a sudden, these 10 team members actually sound like 10 people (this is a big deal for us, cause generally there is just silence cause everyone is either working or pretending to be , like me). There is this sudden realization, the boss is missing!!! Oh the happiness!! It is the same feeling again.

Its been this way for the past week now…Everyday seems like a weekend. Don’t get me wrong, there is tonnes work to be done and I am running around like a headless chicken to get it done, somehow, it still feels like a weekend.

When you stay with your parents, you dream of that one day when they leave you alone at home, Oh the things you would do!!!However, when it does actually happen, there you are, being a little scared and checking every 5 minutes to see if the doors are locked, checking the gate everytime your dog barks, look after your younger sister/brother…You know adult things. I guess the same logic applies here, when your boss isn’t there, you become this extra responsible person, trying to prove to yourself that things can still run smoothly without your boss being around.

The boss is back on Monday!!!!

Also, July is here, which means  I am a month closer to being home (Hopefully!)





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