Wonderful things come to those who wait.

I truly believe that everything has a time and a place, all you have to do is wait..
Wait!! Such a simple word and so easy to say, so much harder to actually do.

I have a lot of patience in the big things, like,  waiting for good things to happen,  waiting for results of all the hard work etc.  It’s the small things I suck at –  waiting in line,  waiting in traffic,  waiting for a call and like now for instance –  waiting for it to be 5 so I can leave home for the day!!!

The recent lesson I learnt on patience was a crazy one for me. I have been working in this place for 2 years now and it was kinda my goal from the beginning that on my 3rd Manyata (annual award function –  which would be just after my 2nd work anniversary) ,  I wish to be serving my notice period.  So naturally,  by one and a half-year,  I started applying to place, was not looking very seriously though.  Things got a little crappy at work and I decided it was time to move on.  I wanted nothing more than to work in this 1 specific tech Park and to get out of Healthcare.  Nothing was happening and I got really fed up.  A lot of things,  along with this one,  led to me decision to move home. That too,  was not happening because in my hope of my first plan working out,  I gave up on this opportunity once already.  This proved very costly to me,  cause now that I wanted to go to  Mangalore, it was taking forever!!!

But this isn’t even the crappy part yet,  once I made up  my mind to move to Mlore,  I got an opportunity to work for an MNC in that very specific tech Park that I wanted. What the fuck!!!

But things got better,  I am looking at wonderful opportunity now in Manipal and guess what,  it is time for Manyata now and a month after it is done,  I should be home!!!  (it’s not really a notice period,  not that different either)

Guess things worked out huh!! All cause of just a little bit patience (trust me there were a lot of times where I just wanted to quit,  even if it meant to be jobless at home)




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