Super Sunday

Its here!!!! After waiting for what seems like 14 days, Sunday is here!!!

I guess this is the case with everybody – I make 5 million plans to fit in this 1 teeny tiny day (Are you really telling me that the length of a Sunday and a Monday are the same?? PLS!!!) and by the time I wake up half the day is gone(Sometimes, I am one of the few who likes to be up early on a Sunday). You are still optimistic and prioritize your 5 million plans and bring it down to 2.5 million for the rest of the day.

Back when everyone was still in Bangalore and back when we were still a gang, weekends were super fun. There was not a single weekend that was boring.

Fun things done on weekends (This was not the original plan for the Blog, I Just realised I haven’t made a list for a long time, bear with me pls) :

  1. Go out drinking (and sometimes dancing) on Friday nights, only 2 of us used to work on Saturdays.
  2. Hate Saturday mornings because the 2 of us would still have to go to office and the rest of them would be sleeping. (Just this is fine. But they are our friends, they have to wake up and make fun of us for having to leave and try to convince us to stay!!!)
  3. Some rare times, we would just chill at our house in HSR on Fridays and go out on Saturday nights (Basically, either on a Saturday or Friday, going out was for sure)
  4. We had a list of pubs/restraunts close by that we had to visit. The list is now done!
  5. Once we drove to Rasta cafe at night (It is known for it being a really long ride, it being open all night, good food and hooka). This was lots of fun. We came back in the morning
  6. We drove to  a far of place again early in the morning for breakfast (by driving, I mean riding)
  7. We went to a pub, were there till 1:00, then went to the International Airport to chill and drove back home at like 4:00 in the morning
  8. Went on random long rides
  9. Cooked yummy food at home on a couple of days. It was not fancy food. It was just yummy simply home food
  10. Go shopping or catch a movie!! (sometimes I would be back in Mangalore for the weekend. This point applies for both Mangalore as well as Bangalore)

Now that everybody is scattered, weekends are just lots of junk food, songs, movies and series (on my lappy)

I will be moving back to Mangalore soon!!! All the above mentioned things can be done there as well, I have my people and more importantly they will all be much more cheaper (maybe not the exact same things…But you get my point!). So all hope is not lost yet. My Super Sundays will be back soon!!!




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