The A-Team

You guys already know about my team here at work. They are an amazing group of people. But it’s true what they say – All good things must come to an end.

It all started 3 months ago, when 3 of our team members put down their paper at once.  First – the calm, ever helpful, the one who could always laugh at himself; Second – The new comer, the one I could talk to, the one among the young; The third – one of my really good friends from office, the joker…

The first 2 did left and along with them they took a small part of this team with them. They took away their share of fun and laughter along with them, leaving our team a little empty. The third stayed back, but not for long. He’s gone too now. By  now, I think we were kinda used to the feeling, or maybe it was the crazy workload these 3 left behind on us that we did not have time to realize that people were missing.

We are still here though, finding fun and laughter in the little things we do. The group is definitely much smaller now but we are still happy with our home away from home.

A couple of months from now, I won’t be here either. I will be back home, back with the people who matter to me the most; but somewhere along the way, not really sure how it happened, but these guys here at work became like a family away and it would suck a little bit to leave them.

It is an end of this team..It was wonderful knowing them and being with them, but I guess change is good. Better things are in store for all of us and soon these 2 years here will only be a faint memory that would make us all smile time to time..






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