Travel… Its a word a lot of people associate with exotic vacations,  wanderlust and what not…
For me travel will always be bangalore to home and back… (and then obviously about exotic vacations.. Pls!! I am human!!)
A huge chunk of my time has always been traveling from and to home –  be it to college in mangalore,  staying in Manipal and now Bangalore.  It has this odd familiarity to it. 
Don’t get me wrong,  it has its perks!! You will learn to fall asleep anywhere and anytime,  sit/sleep in random positions,  last a long time without food and water and also the ever valuable art of using public restrooms (and some rare lucky times of going in open land)
I enjoy it.. The whole thing.  Plug in ear phones and drift off to sleep on and off again,  it keeps me ridiculously calm. 
It also gives me time to write my blog (like now)

Ok I need to drift off to my world now.. Bai!


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