The dark night

As a child, I have fond memories of when the power went off and the invertor would eventually stop working and we would be left in complete darkness and a candle to save us. The mad rush around the house with a torch looking for a candle (which would have been used and abused so much,it is broken and has come to its last tiny amount of life left) and an even more mad rush to look for a match box. After a couple of failed attempts, we have light again!! Then the games would start,  the chor-police, set of 3, ludo, snake and ladder, Chinese checkers and other fun games for all 4 of us and once these games would be over,  after exactly an hour the power would be back,  which would only mean 1 think,  rush to candle,  tell happy birthday and blow it off before your brother does it!! Ahhh the good times. I wonder when and how it stopped,  I guess it was the growing up or maybe the all the smart phones.  Don’t get me wrong,  I am all for growing up and smart phones,  if it wasn’t for both,  I wouldn’t be here,  writing my blog on my smart phone. Also,  if it wasn’t for both,  I would be back home in this dark hour (although it’s been almost 4 hours now)  playing stupid games with my family.
Life is funny that way. The candle light is replaced with the torch on my phone (I don’t even remember the last time I used a proper torch), games replaced by blogs (the games are still there,  but they are on our phones now and they are all single player),  family is replaced by friends/roommates if you are lucky or if you are me then just this independent free life far away from home that you have always wanted,  an hour of nothing but fun has been replaced by constant prayers to God for the power to be back. 
Well I will end this now with just 1 thing to say  “oh God!!  Please let the power be back already!! I will pray more I promise!! It’s been gone for ages now!! I can’t live like this!!!!”



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