A weekend to remember

I must say,  since I have come to bangalore,  there have been a lot of fun weekends.. Come to think of it.. Every other weekend was a fun weekend.  We made it a point to do something fun every week.  But that was before I moved out of HSR,  before everybody moved back home and before our group broke up.
Anyway,  what was so special about this weekend you ask?? Well,  I went back to Manipal!!! I left from bangalore on Friday and got to Manipal on Saturday morning and spent the whole day with AB and left back to Surathkal with him on Saturday morning and spent 2 days at home. As much as it sucks,  here I am,  on the bus,  going back to Bangalore.
We did a lot of fun things in Manipal. Visited all the places we uses to hang out in.  Started off with a yummy and an extremely nostalgic breakfast in the food court,  a short (and I mean very short coz there is no way I am walking around.. Used to hate it back then.. Hate it now as well),  a ride around Manipal –  end point,  MIT, dreams plaza,  golden sans,  heights,  BQ.  Then went back to AB’s place to rest a little. Freshened up,  went out again,  ate at snack Shack,  went shopping,  went to malpe –  ate gola, gobi and got into the water (just a little case we had to save our clothes).  Went for a long ride and to this new place for dinner and back home
The Day could not have ended faster.  There is something so familiar and comforting the air.  I could be there forever.  So many memories lived there and words can’t describe how amazing it felt to live through all of them again.  What I would give to have all those days back with me.  But I guess they wouldn’t be so precious then.  There is a time for everything.  We just try to make sure that each phase that we go through has amazing memories to it,  so far I have been successful at it. Let’s see what else is on store for me.




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