Dear 16 yr old,

There are a lot of things I wish to tell you and lot more that I don’t. I can’t seem to figure out where to start…

You know how you always wished you could travel to the future and see how things turned out.. Well… You still wish for the same, the only difference is that now you know that whatever it is, it will be for the better and you would have figured out a way to be happy even in the crappiest of situations
I guess there are a few things that I could tell you though…
1. For the love of God… Get some exercise!!!
2. You will have your first boyfriend soon
3. You will break up with this guy and get another one.. And well.. You will never believe who this second guy is going to be. I won’t ruin the fun for you..
4. You will have your first kiss soon and trust me, it is going to be fucking amazing
5. Your life with regards to your studies won’t go as planned, but that’s alright, you still figure shit out and come to think about it, this seems better than the actual plan
6. The best times of your life is yet to come.. But enjoy your now as well, cause there will be a night, much like today, when you will miss it all
You will soon develop quite a strong set of principles. I am actually proud of you for that
8. Some friends will stay, some will leave. It sucks.
9. Don’t be too hard on yourself for your looks, you aren’t that bad either. You have your good days!
10. You are 23 now and still trying to figure out a lot of things on life. alway strive  to be a wonderful friend and most importantly, to be a wonderful daughter.

Wish I could tell you a lot more but then it wouldn’t be fun anymore. Just know that as bad as things seem at the moment, they are always for the better. You won’t understand this now, but you believe a lot on the power of the universe and that everything happens for a reason. Okay, I gotta go now kid. Bye.



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