Dreams and other wonderful things..

Shoot for the stars, you will definitely land on the moon. Dream big!

I had only heard these things so far, never really seen anyone do them. Until a couple of months ago, a special someone in my life quit his job to do something he had dreamt of. This is his story.

He was also the centre of attention, he has that charming personality, an amazing sense of humour, that twinkle in his eye and top it all –  a mischievous dimple smile. When I first met him, I was very intimidated by him (it was back in school, but If i had just met him now, I think I still would have been intimated). He had this aura around him, the popular one, the funny one, the rebel, the jock! It was much after that i spoke to him and we then became the best of friends and many things after that. I always knew he was destined for great things, it was just a feeling!!

He had a good job, a good pay and over all a good thing going on. There was always this bug in his head that wanted him to do something on his own, I am not really sure when this small bug grew into this giant thing that would eat him up day and night leading him to quit his job with no plans what so ever. He only knew one thing – he was meant for bigger and better things and he was going to figure out what that was!! This is a start if journey and I hope it is an amazing journey for him..

So he left all his friends and me back in Bangalore and moved back home, cleared his mind. He always had a plan of starting an online fashion store and after a lot of brainstorming and fights came up with this plan to have a line of tees with local slang words in it. The only problem? well, he was all alone right now. He was to start something with his friends but that did not work out and this sadly lead to them growing a little far apart. As much as I do not like to admit it, I too had lost patience and was no longer with him for this brief period. It is true I guess, when you are at your lowest point in life, you can only go up from here. He gathered all the strength he had, with a lot of support from his parents and a designer friend, started building on this idea. Finance is always a big question mark, investors would also mean a lot of running around and idea pitches. His dad, the amazing person that he is, believed in his idea and helped him out. His family I must say are extremely supportive about this. I guess that’s where he got his strength from.

After a lot of thought process and a lot of other things in between (as is said, I was not talking to him so I am still not sure what happened there), he had his site up and had the first 5 designs that would go for printing. Over this period, things did get better between us and we are back to what we were.

Cut to the present, here he is, his site launched, his first 5 designs are out of stock in the first week and his second set of designs out soon. You could say that his site had gone viral! Still a long way to go, but he did start!!

It was a rollercoaster ride for sure, all the feelings a person could go through, he went through. There were points were he was completely broken and alone. There was a brief period in between, when the charming funny boy I knew was no longer there. Instead, there was this confused, lost, frustrated, sad boy. Everyday would be a pain for him, everyday he realised more and more that he was on the wrong path, there were extremely long days, a lot of sleepless nights and random bursts of emotions.

Now, I see glimpses of that boy again, the happy, the charming, the funny, the dimple smile that can melt you, but there is this new boy that I see more of – the enthusiastic, the confident, the creative, the entrepreneur.

This is me wishing you the best of luck for everything that you do. Slowly but steadily you will reach your goal. Never give up!! I am always there for you .

Babe I’ve always told you, you are meant for great things!!








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