Bikey Baby

I can never forget the feeling!!! The day I got my bike!!! I have always wanted one…I got one of my uncles and Mr.AB to let me ride around in their bikes….And after quite a lot of practice, it was finally the day!!!

Most obviously I picked the one that would be delivered to me the same day (I’ve waited all my life, couldn’t possible wait any more). Since then, I have been in love!!! Even on the worst of traffic, I will still drive around like a fool!!

A light drizzle, empty roads, earphones and good music!!! I can drive forever!!It is this amazing sense of freedom that you get, when you don’t have to wait for anyone to take you to places and no need to wait for buses!!

Having a bike also gives you those amazing rides where you get to ride and the guy gets to sit behind!!

There are a few materialistic things that I would guard with my life!! My lappy, speakers, hard disk (for song/movie/series collection), bike, iPod and phone!!! These are the first thing I would take and run in case of fire!!!

I love my bike! It has amazing memories, form Manipal to Mangalore to Bangalore (I’ve had to for 3 years now). It got its first scratch after 1.5 years, when it was moved from home to Bangalore (Curse those movers!!), I literally had tears in my eyes!! But she’s a strong girl!!

She’s been there for all the highs, the lows and everything in between – for all the fun long rides with friends and AB, for the lonely random rides when I was feeling low, for the quiet random rides with my friend in the back when she was feeling low, a ride to just enjoy the weather, a I am so bored lets drive around ride!!




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