It is said that change is the only constant thing in life. Didn’t really make sense when I first heard it, but I get it now…

It starts even before you notice it. At the moment it might seem like the worst thing ever, but change is good, eventually you will know.

Change is always right around the corner, ever since you were a child. I obviously don’t remember my childhood days that well!!! The earliest change I can recall was when I had to change schools in 6th Std. It was a horrible, having to leave behind my school, my friends, the fact that everyone knew me to a completely new set up far away from home..How could my mom do this to me?!?!?! (OKAY!!It was not far away!! it just felt like it). It all turned out to be for the best, I have some of my best memories from this new school, I have the 2 best people in my life thanks to this school and best of all, if it wasn’t for this school, I would never be in a condition to write blogs today (My english would have been horrible!!!). What I am trying to say is, THANKS MOM!!!! You were right!

Then there was PUC, change to wanting to have a boyfriend – getting one – breaking up with one – getting a new one!!! What a crazy cycle this is!! It is all change if you look at it! if you welcome it with open hands, it comes and goes; if you try to keep it out, it will burst the wall and cause complete chaos in your life and then go!

After PUC I was all set to do my Dental studies, but this crazy thing called change –  I did my BBM instead!! Choosing to go to a college far away from my friends, with complete strangers – best thing that could happen to me! It completely changed me and I did make some more amazing friends out of this. Now that I know how my life tuns out, I am so thankful!!

MBA brought a completely different change – living by myself!! The best change so far (but I guess every change feels that way until the next one comes along). This was followed by getting a job and moving to another part of the state all together. Being transferred from one office to another. Now wanting to be transferred again and move back home.

I guess as you grow up you kind of realize that change is inevitable and Change is good indeed!!

                          Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end




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