Word prompt

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Sacrifice?? (well, I guess this is a common one for everyone) – My Mommy

I’ve told you before, my dad passed away when I was two and I have also told you that there is no reason to feel sorry about it!! It was too long ago to remember him and my mommy has never let me feel his loss.

She’s been 2 parents and more at all times!! She’s packed me lunch, tied my hair and helped with my homework like how you would expect a mom to do; she has also driven me to places, given me pocket-money, paid school bills and managed all home things like how you would expect a dad to do.

While doing this, she has sacrificed a lot! I cannot think of the last time she has taken a vacation! She has given up a lot of dreams just so me and my brother could have a better life and could do whatever we wanted. She has supported and helped us through everything, she has held herself back so we could fly, she has gotten up on the word of the days just so we could have a peaceful days sleep.

If all the above things aren’t great enough, she never showed frustration,I don’t think the word defeat is even in her dictionary, but come to think of it, she was too busy thinking of a better future for us that she never even had the time to think of giving up. She made it seem she easy all this while, it is only now that I have grown up, I realize how difficult it would have been!! I don’t think I can ever even imagine the amount of things she has sacrificed for me and my brother and I know that she still does even though I am 24 now and he is 30!! I only hope I am able to give her a reason to smile and make up for all the things she has given up!!





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