Word prompt – Hope

I would say I am quite the optimistic. Even at the last moment, I will still be hoping for things to turn around and everything to be alright.

Hope – It means to believe in something with all your heart even when your brain knows that it is never  going to might not happen. *Notice me being hopeful again (And I googled the word hope, this is what it means)

Have you read the book “The secret”?, it is a must read!! I strongly believe in its theory and was unconsciously following it ever since I was in school.

The secret of the universe – If you really really want something and you put all your energy into it, the universe will give it to you. Mind you! this can also work negatively for you. For instance, when you are worried about something and you are constantly thinking of all the things that can go wrong – you are sending a signal to the universe and it will make things to go wrong, cause you are focussing all your energy on negative thoughts.

All of us have experienced this at some point or the other, you know, those crazy moments when nothing is going your way or when logic gives way, all you have left is hope.

Situation where all you can do is HOPE!!!!

  1. When your results are out and you know you’ve done really bad in the test – You would give anything to just clear the exam
  2. When you broke something at home and hoped to god that your mom wouldn’t notice and you could just get away with – “What?? I dint do anything!! It was that way when I saw it!!!” (Well, the secret policy does not work for such things)
  3. When you messed up in school and went home with a note in your diary asking your mom to meet the teacher
  4. That moment when you pray with everything you have that you get to sit next too your bestie/cute guy you’ve been crushing on in school or you are teamed with them for assignments
  5. When your phone gets confiscated for the first time and you know there are messages in there your mom should not read, by the second time you know  better and are prepared
  6. Did something really embarrassing in front of that guy?? Well we all know that feeling don’t we??
  7. Answering entrance exams to the college you’ve been eyeing or when you walk out of that interview room
  8. The time placements come around in college and you have very limited options
  9. When your boss is around and you just want to be invisible so he doesn’t ask you what you’ve been up to these days cause you know that WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, shopping, movies, long rides etc are not the answers he is looking for
  10. When you drop your phone (especially if it is for the first time) and you know hear a crack and you know you are doomed – you still hope for a miracle or that fear of god that comes over you when for a split second you can’t remember where you’ve kept your phone!!
  11. Stalking someone on Facebook and liking old photos by mistake or calling people on WhatsApp when you are trying to look at their profile pic
  12. Sending the “wrong” photos/texts to family members instead if that person
  13. When you are in deep shit trouble at work!!!
  14. When you trip or slip over a step but land on your feet anyway. That mini heart attack!
  15. When your phone is surviving on 1% charge and you are running around like a fool looking for a charger.

We’ve all been there is all these situations. Don’t pretend you do not know what I’m talking about, no shame in admitting these things my friend!!!





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