The Ugly Duckling

The world around us has got these one makes them specifically (as much as you can blame the media and stuff), it’s just there…and everyone agrees with it..even me..

The definition of beautiful – Thin, tall, athletic, outgoing, fair, nice hair I guess…well you get the point..

Being very honest with myself, I am none of the above – I am short, heavy, extremely lazy for sports, very queit, darkish..well you get the point here too

I have had this complex for as long as I remember and as much as I would like to tell that now that I have grown up, I know that everyone is beautiful in their own ways..I don’t believe that at all, I don’t think I will for some time to come!! It does not help that all my friends fit the above mentioned criteria perfectly.

It not that I am this crazy attention seeker, but it does make one feel very happy with themselves when they can turn a few heads or get a couple of second looks, a smile here and there, catch a cute guy checking you out once a while…that is all any girl would ask for..but only the blessed get a shot at that

There are a lot of movies that portray the tomboyish girl (who is still pretty as hell) who gets the guy in the end..but please! that is so far from reality, it is not even funny!

Every morning when I get dressed of work or the weekends when its time to go out, there I am, looking at myself in the mirror, thinking of one million things I would like to change about myself…

Going shopping is a nightmare cause nothing fits and things that do fit (after a lot of effort) would just look horrible. You can’t help but wonder how everything looks amazing on thin people and it is as though the entire shop is just designed for them.

I know, I is in the eyes of the beholder and it’s not about the what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts and stuff, but all that stuff easy to say. Living the life of someone who is constantly in doubt of how they look, its horrible!

It’s an amazing boost to your confidence when you know you look good, and it is an extremely well-known fact, good-looking people do a lot better in life. Everybody always goes an extra mile to help out a good-looking guy/girl, even me (there is no shame in accepting that..its the way the world works my friend)

There is no moral to this blog, it does no end in a happy note, it just says it like it is!! the harsh truth if I may say so myself (and I am unfortunately on the harsh end)







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