Monday blues

Why do Mondays come so soon?!??!

It is just so slow!!! I am really sleepy and bored already! Days like these that make me want to quit work marry a rich guy and just sit at home and write blogs!!!

But then I remember that I have career goals and objectives and other boring things to do (Why brain why?? Why can’t you just let me be happy??)

Things I did in office today:

  1. Pretend to work
  2. Facebook!!
  3. Instagram!!!
  4. WordPress!!
  5. Calculating how much of my salary would be left after all my expenses (for the millionth time hoping that this time I will have some money remaining)
  6. Be sad that even after the millionth calculation I still am broke at the end of the first week (I hate paying bills and being responsible)
  7. Order cake (My office friends birthday)
  8. Eat cake (whatever is remaining after smashing it on his face)
  9. Google random things
  10. Make one report (Hey!! I did something!!!)
  11. Edited photos of me on fotor
  12. Called Mr. AB like 5 million times
  13. Google what an Anechoic room is (It is a room where the walls absorb all the sound and hence it deadly quiet)
  14. Read random facts about Anechoic rooms – the longest anybody can last in it is 45 min, the quietest room is in Minnesota
  15. Googled about this thing I read that in June 2016, Earth will have a week of darkness (Kinda cool no?)
  16. Also read that the above news was a hoax (Am I happy?? Am I sad?? So torn in life!!)
  17. Blogging right now..

Well this is me today! This is kinda fun..I think I will start this new series – Work Updates!!




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