Wedding and an outing!

One of our old colleagues was to get married to one of our current colleagues.. So all of us from office thought we would attend the wedding and also make like a team outing out of it (it was an 8 hour drive from Bangalore)
It was all set –  the stay, the travel – everything!!
Then it happened (as it always happens with group plans to travel) 1 person backed out, then another did and another did, but that’s okay, cause we still had just enough people right!!
Then the main guy who planned the whole thing has a family emergency and he backed out.. This left just me, another guy, my boss and the super boss!!!
As much as me and the guy wanted to back out (cause obviously!! It is so awkward!! A small space for us 4!!) we could not…
So the road trip began, and it wasn’t all that bad as I thought it would be,  albeit,  it would have been too much fun if everyone had gone in the hired vehicle as planned. It was a ridiculously long drive..
What is the only way to kill the awkward silence?? Make fun of people you are travelling with and Crack stupid jokes,  however in this case,  it was not of people you are traveling with,  it was just me (it did get a little too much at a point where I did kind of give the whole thing up and just slept,  but other than that it was ok)
This does give a lot of stories to tell!!!



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