The best part about fights

It is a known fact – the best part about fights is the making up!!

Well, if you have been following my blogs, you would know that me and Mr. AB recently went through a rough patch, but there was a twist in the story!

Who would have thought that it would my mother this time who would fix things between us. Well not exactly. It started with a phone call from mommy talking to me about my marriage plans and wait for it! asking me to decide and tell her about AB!!!!

After a lot of thought, decided to call AB and tell him about this…we spoke for hours together about our stupidity, he came to Bangalore and took me out on this amazing date to an amazing place. It was beautiful!!! just like the movies, you could see the entire of Bangalore…all lit up!!! It was amazing and we had a heart to heart talk and things might not better now, but it’s definitely getting there!!!!

IMG_20160424_010351_HDR-2Imagine this all around you!!!




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