You already know that Manipal is my favourite place to be in. Mangalore is my home and is my second favourite!!

It is a small town…We have 2 theatres (Going out for movies will cost you max 300 rs – including food), no fancy pubs, it is hot as hell, it rains like no tomorrow, no fancy brands, everything is closed by 10:00 pm, we just recently got out very 1st McD, we do not have online stores for grocery shopping..well you get the point!!

Mangalore is known for its temples and its beaches. Temples are great, but the beaches!!! Oh how much I love them!!! We have one very close to home (like a 10 min drive) and it is amazing!!! The peace and quiet, the extremely cold water that hits you on an extremely hot day, the tranquility, the amazing sunsets – everything about it!!!

The beach has a lot of memories for me, from my childhood of digging random holes in the sand, running away from the small crab thinigis, taking an extra pair of clothes so we could get completely drenched and hide behind mom’s car so we could change (Mind you! this was when we were small), sneaking to the beach to meet AB, my first bike ride with him, meeting friends there to just chill, being there with my soul sister (can’t really count the number of times I’ve gone there with her) or just going there by myself. Be it early in the morning or late night, the beach is an amazing place to go (Probably not in the afternoon though, cause like I said, IT IS HOT AS HELL)…

It is a great place for education!! we have like a million schools and colleges (and I mean proper traditional schools and colleges with a huge campus and a proper ground and stuff..not like these modern city ones that are just a building). We have only a couple of places where one can bunk these great schools and colleges and go to!

The rainy season!! The rains!! it’s so cold and so loud, its amazing! I dare you to not feel like going out for a long drive in that weather! or bringing out the child in you and getting drenched!! It is an amazing feeling! And I miss that here in Bangalore (not that it does not rain here, it’s just not the same, the city gets more crowded and dirty during the rains; in Mangalore, the roads get empty and the small town gets cleaner!!)

WOAH! I wrote a lot huh!?!?! Well I love the place!! It is home, it is where I grew up! Everything said and done, that is where I want to go to…Its a place where every nook and corner has a memory and those few corners that I missed, I intend to make memories there as soon as I move back home!






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