The magic of Manipal

It’s an amazing place,  only those who have been there and experienced it will be able to best describe it..
I have stayed at home till my under graduation and it was now time for me to stay away from home for my post graduation.. And what better place than Manipal (Ofcourse I know this now)
Doesn’t matter which place you are from or how forward you are.. Manipal has a way of throwing you off in the beginning… You can’t help but wonder –  What place is this?!?  Where have I come??  (in a good way Ofcourse)
You slowly start to build this amazing life in a small town of 5km…
It is a place where you will have a loot of firsts and a couple of lasts as well..
It helps you grow up I think,  it shows you the real world but also lets you know to just chill and not worry
It is extremely lively!  On the way to manipal, there is a point where the majestic buildings suddenly show themselves,  just around the corner of the road,  and till this date,  the view takes my breath away.  Not because it has that royal palace kinda buildings or anything,  it’s just because when you see it,  you are overcome with this feeling of nostalgia and I dare anyone to not have  smile on their faces!!
It can be best described as a town for students and students only…
Manipal has definitely given me a lot of things,  it’s given me a home away from home,  it’s given me freedom,  it’s given me a way of life,  it’s given me amazing memories…
Few places/memories that will live with me forever :
1. Dreams Plaza (Mr AB lived there for the first sem)
2. The Edu building
3. Golden sans (Mr AB lived there for the second sem)
4. MIT hostels –  block 7 (My first sem)
5. MIT hostels –  new ladies block (my second sem)
6. Premier Heights 201 (My second year –  the best year of my life)
7. Manipal Lake,  End point,  Malpe,  Janani Lodge..
8. Snack Shack,  Dollops,  Guzzlers,  Madhuvan and all the yummy places to eat that will stay open till 3 in the morning
9. Rides in the rain
10. MIM!!! – The best place for an MBA.. it might not be a fancy IIM,  but it gives  you a lot!  I would choose it again if I had to
11. MIT campus and all its celebrations
12. The weather
13. Having no rules or regulations what so ever to live your life.  You can either make it or break it over here.  It gives you the space to discover who you are and accepts all kinds of people


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