Home sweet home

Growing up, I must say, I’ve had a very happy childhood..But come to think of it..I’ve had a happy life so far I guess..

Me, my mommy, an elder brother and my granny…Thats us!! I lost my dad when I was 2..I have no memories of him what-so-ever…but thats a story for another blog

I’ve had a normal childhood as anyone with an elder brother would have..lots of fights and a lot of things being broken around the house..not to mention lots and lots of punishments for the above said activities. These “punishments” however, when I think about them now are the most random things an adult(mommy) could possible think of!! Our punishments included – Being hit (with a spatula, a comb or the good old hand), being asked to stand outside the house (What is that??) and the best – Asked to run around the house a specific number of times and mommy dear would actually stand there and count the rounds..We completely hated each other, me and he..However, as we grew up, there was this sudden realisation…We actually had each others backs! I must admit this came as a surprise..but a very pleasant one!! 🙂

Mommy has been the best, there are no words to describe the number of things she’s done for me, How can someone be so selfless??? She’s always supported me and has always given me everything I asked for (sometimes even before I asked for it). The best thing is that she never ever made me feel like I was missing a dad, she’s been a mom and a dad at the same time. Now that I am 24, she still plays both the roles. I fail to understand where she gets that kind of strength from!!! She’s absolutely amazing and simply the best..I would give up the world in a heartbeat for her..I try my best to kind of give things back to her..but I know there is nothing that I can do that will ever be enough…

My granny is my mommy’s mommy..She’s always lived with us. Let’s admit it, grandparents can be a little annoying sometimes..but as you grow up, you realise that it is only because they are from a completely different generation and are not used to your young way of doing things..but they still try!!! They have nothing but love for you..My mommy has been a little unwell recently and even though my granny is quite old..she’s been taking care of my mommy..and in her own way..I think she’s one of the reasons my mommy is so strong

Well this is me, I do have an amazing family that would do anything for me..and i love them for it…and with every single day I try to be there for them more than the previous day..I pray for them to be happy and healthy!!!





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