Way into my Heart

The way into a guy’s heart is apparently through his stomach..I wonder what the way into my heart is??

I’m just kidding..I know what it is!!! It’s my smile/laugh..I guess that’s how it is with most of the girls out there…If you can manage to make her laugh..You have a chance with her..

However, the way into any girls heart is quite complicated..It is a long road with lots of obstacles and tasks to be completed..

The way to my heart:

  1. Be funny
  2. Be decent looking
  3. Have a beard!!! (A well maintained one of course)
  4. Know how to cook
  5. Don’t be insecure about our relationship
  6. Be funny and nice with my friends and let me hang out with yours
  7. Do not try to lock me up in a cage
  8. Do not get carried away with arguments or get into deep discussions when we are all hanging out in a group
  9. Do not make me pick sides between you and my friends..
  10. I love bike/car rides
  11. I love the beach
  12. I like random spontaneous plans
  13. I hate adventure
  14. Have a good sense of style
  15. Be a gentleman..I believe in chivalry
  16. I am not a feminist as such..but yeah..if you talk against women kind in specific areas..I will lose my fucking mind
  17. Be romantic!!!!!!
  18. Bonus points for having a good voice – so you can sing to me
  19. Respect people around you and be polite..but angry when required if i need you to protect me
  20. Love dogs!!

Well I’m going to stop now..It is an impossible list..




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