Snail of a day

It is on of those rreeaallllyyy boring and reaalllyyy long days at work that just never seems to end… It feels like it’s been ages since I got to work in the morning and only half the day has gone by…
Woke up in the morning missing college days when you could just bunk classes and not be worried about pending work or applying for leave or even answering calls from your boss!!!
I am proud of myself though.. Cz for the entire day.. Even though I did no work… I pretended really hard to look like I was doing something…
The fact that it is crazy hot is not helping this feeling either…
Hey! It’s not completely my fault either.. Whenever I do try to do some work somehow after 10 min I realize that I have been day dreaming about something all along!!!

Phew!!! This day is just not moving!!!



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