24 years of learning


Life has a funny way of teaching you things..some really important things..some random things..some from your own mistakes..some from those of others..

Well these are few things that I have learnt(and can remember :O):

  1. Always learn to cook – saves you when you have no money in those month ends
  2. Don’t be scared to experiment a little with things
  3. Always…AAALLLLWWAAYSSSS listen to your gut feeling
  4. Your mom was right all along – that friend is no good, brush your teeth, oil your hair and other such things
  5. Find that one thing that makes you happy (this should not be dependent on others around you)
  6. Long rides are the best way to relax your soul
  7. Learn to live alone..if you can’t, then learn to make a lot of friends
  8. There is no point hiding things from your mom – you end up looking like a fool cause she knew the whole thing all along!! (Never fails to amaze me how she manages to do it!!)
  9. Learn to drive a vehicle (a bike or a car)
  10. Do not have the last bite of food..you will explode one day or the other!!!
  11. Find a hobby, helps you feel good
  12. If you do something wrong, own up to your mistakes…remember..everybody does mistakes!! (remember this for when others do something wrong as well)
  13. Learn to say no! (Something I am still trying to learn)
  14. Friends come..friends go…some days are good, others bad..its the cycle of life
  15. Be a little mad sometimes, a little illogical, a little childish, a little spontaneous, a little romantic, a little of everything…BE YOU!




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