Principles of Life


Everybody’s got those few rules on which they base their entire lives…as random and stupid as they sound to others…it makes sense to them..So here is mine…

Golden Rules of Life:

  1. The power of the universe : You get what you put out..If you truly and honestly believe in will eventually come true (some call it God answering your prayers..I call it the Universe giving you what you asked for)
  2. Everything in your life happens for a reason, as shitty and fuck all it seems at the moment…
  3. Never regret anything – even the stupidest of things you did. You learn everything you know from these small stupid things you did and it is what makes you who you are..Just don’t repeat your mistakes
  4. There is always space and time for desert!!! (If you are too full for sweets..then you and me definitely have a problem)
  5. Never do anything that you hate doing..never be afraid..what’s the worse that can happen?? (Never do anything ridiculously stupid also pls)
  6. You are only as old as you feel
  7. Sleep is your best friend
  8. Some time by yourself and music is the solution to anger/sadness
  9. It is good luck to see and white necked Eagle and bad luck to see a black necked one. No need to worry though, if you do see the black necked one..look for a crow or count 10 coconut trees and the bad luck goes away!!! (I still follow makes no sense..I no!!)
  10. Always surround yourself with good friends and just positive energy in general
  11. It is okay to cry while watching movies/series/random videos, regardless of whether it is happy, cute or sad!!!
  12. Half of your day should be spent day dreaming about things that will never come true
  13. Never say no to good food..You will hurt its feelings
  14. Nobody should ever have enough power over you to make you cry!! Your tears are only for you and not for somebody else!
  15. Never advice your friend to not see a guy or hang out with a specific group of people..They will never listen..instead have a plan ready for when it crashes and burns!!
  16. Nothing is ever worth going against your parents (but this probably would not apply for everybody and for all situations..only for the extreme cases)
  17. Never forget those who helped you when you needed them the most
  18. Never burn bridges/ hold grudges..Forgive but never forget!!
  19. Ignore bad/negative things…It might seem to people that you are really innocent and haven’t seen the tough side of life…but who cares what they think!! you know know what you’ve seen and gone through in life….and you no that it is best to just ignore these things that you cannot fix..
  20. Lastly and most importantly..Be Independent, Be you, Be happy!!!!!!





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