A place called Home…

The only place in the world that makes you feel like nothing can go wrong in your life…and even if it does..it’s ok..coz u are home..surrounded by all the love a person can ever have..

I stay far from home..and have been for the past four years, and quite honestly, I LOVE IT!!!!! The freedom!!!! It is an amazing feeling…do whatever I want, whenever I want…Have friends over all the time..just me and my life..I would never give it up…there aren’t all these rules…I don’t have to lie to go out and meet friends

Once a month I visit home(I like home as well)…and the second I go to sleep..its this crazy feeling..like I am a child again..and I just don’t want that moment to go away..and suddenly it dawns on me..in another 2 days I have to leave and go back…Go back to my independent life..my free life..and for the life of me..I can’t figure out this feeling I am having…Sadness???..I don’t get it…I like that life right??..Then why do I not want to leave??

Then I realise…Its not the change in the location that has given me this freedom..It is the change in me…I’ve become older(Although, staying away does add to it just a tinsy bit)..I realise I can enjoy the same benefits at home as well..with moderation of course..but it wouldn’t be that bad either..there will definable be a shift in the approach..I would no longer be asking for permission, but probably be informing my mom…

I knew all along that I was growing up..but I guess I am just now coming to realise that so was my mom…





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