A Letter to My Bestie..

I never thought we would reach this point in our lives where we no longer need each other..

I keep reading it everywhere : “If a friendship lasts for more than 7 years,  it will last forever”

We were best of friends for the longest of times. Our lives might have actually revolved around each other..we spoke everyday!!!! Still have no idea what we spoke about..I remember laughing..like a mad person..till my tummy started to hurt. When I think about all those moments I still smile and I will forever..I wonder if you do too??

We did a lot of things for each other…we grew up with each other..you were there for the most important moments of my life..and one day..just like that..it ended!! It took time for us to forgive each other..but eventually we did…but I guess things will never be the same..in that short time when we weren’t together, we seemed to have grown a lot…

Did we forgive each other coz we wanted to?? or just cause we needed closure and wanted to close that chapter of our lives??

I see your Facebook/Instagram updates now..there you are..with the same smile..the one that can brighten up any room…U look really pretty and happy now…and that truly brings me a lot of joy..

I see your name in my WhatsApp list…you used to be on top of my recent chats..now i need to search for you…there are the once a while –  Hi, how are you??what you doing??its been so long..lets catch up messages..

The primary reason for this drift seems to be the same..there is always a guy..but where there cracks in our relation all along that we never saw??

All good things must come to end huh?? We are in different places in our lives now..happy…and we will always have the memories we shared…and they were the best ones!!! You made my life so far a great one and thank you for that and I hope you will forever be happy…and maybe someday, if fate has it..we meet..things will be the same again…




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