You & Me…

Sometimes we go together like peanut better and jelly..sometimes we are fire and ice..

I can’t imagine being without you..sometimes it seems like a wonderful dream that I wish would come true….why is that?? What is this effect you have on me…after all these years at least I can say that we haven’t got is still a roller coaster ride with you…the low points seems reeallyyy low..the high points give you that wonderfully wired feeling in your stomach..make you feel like you are flying..We have a lot of common likes and dislikes..but the few that are not common seems really important sometimes…

You know me inside out..or do you know me at all??? I will stand against the world for you..but sometimes you don’t make sense at all!! You are serious, I am goofy; You are careful, I could not care less; You consider the consequence of your actions on the people round you, I want what I want – even if it makes no sense…

When we are together, we can forget the entire world…You make me laugh the hardest..also make me yell the loudest?? We know everything about each other, but also have little things that we keep only for ourselves…We keep each other grounded, but also drive each other mad…


You are a critically acclaimed movies, I am a romantic comedy family movie; We have done so many new things together…leant a lot..grown up together but are still extremely childish with each other sometimes…You are my driver, friend, new place exploring buddy, counsellor, cheer leader for life…we can talk about the most random things fir hours together but sometimes can’t hold a conversation for even 5 minutes..

We are completely different chapters..but baby…you and me..we make one hell of a book!!!




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