The true fan


If you know a little bit about India or better yet, if you are in Indian, then you are aware of the madness that surrounds this sport called Cricket…

The logic behind cricket is pretty simple…11 make a team…the team that wins the toss decides if they want to bat or ball first…whoever makes the highest scores at the end of the given overs wins!!!

It obviously has a lot of other complicated rules and terminology and strategies to it…But you just need to know the basic logic to watch the game..and once you watch it..well, you are hooked for life..

We thank the English for giving this game to us..and are also sorry to the English that we are better than you!(Yeah!! but that’s just me getting carried away..I’m sure both teams are equally good). Getting back to the point, we are crazy about the game (I must admit, I am too!) and we get very aggressive during these matches…


We curse, we laugh, we cry, we yell, we cheer and any other emotion you can think of will be felt in the 4 – 5 hours the match lasts…we love and hate the team at the same time while the match is going on..but are ridiculously patriotic at the end of it, regardless of whether we win or not..

I just finished watching the semi finals match India had against West Indies..and we lost…I feel the world has ended and the series has lost all its meaning!! I feel bad for the guys who had crackers ready to burst incase we had won (Yeah, that happens), like what will you use it for now? Save it for next Diwali? or the IPL perhaps..

We are the most hopeful as well the most pessimistic bunch…When the match gets to a point where it could be one by either one of the teams…We immediately start cursing at the team for playing so horribly while also yelling advice and suggestions as to how to win (Cause, come on! we know better!!!) but still stop everything we are doing, including breathing, till the last ball, hoping for a miracle to happen and for us to win!! And you would think we are mad..but the Indian team made us this way!!

You can never say with the Indian team…anything can happen till the last ball!!!

Well tough luck!!! the IPL fever will start soon…it will only get crazier cause we have our favourite players playing long with the ones we torn! who do we support!!

Well pick your teams soon!!




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