A true piscean…


All of us like to read about our sun signs..even if we are the cool kind who look down on astrology and related matters…if there is an article in front of describing the characteristics of our sign…we will look at it!!
Now, one can argue that all the characteristics are quite generic in nature that 90% of us have in us…I do not belong to this category

I am not a strong believer of these things..but I do believe in the power of the universe and that everything happens for a reason…and it all pre-written..but that is a story for another blog..

This blog is inspired by an article I read in the morning “7 brutal truths about loving a Pisces”…As mentioned earlier..It is really difficult to ignore these articles..so I read it..I agreed with 5 of those 7 points..and it got me thinking…A lot can be told about the authenticity of these articles…and Hey! I am an Piscean (is that even a word? I am not really sure..but I’m going to use it anyway)..and who knows my characteristics better than me?? So this coupled with my love for lists brings to you this blog….


THINGS I HAVE ALWAYS READ ABOUT PISCEANS (if this is not a word already…then trademark!!) AND MY VIEWS ON THEM:

  1. Pisces is a lazy sign : YES!!!!! As long as it does not include time with good friends, long rides, random vacations etc..cause I’m always up for that!!
  2. Pisces is a creative sign : I used to never believe this…I hate being creative…I can’t do that..thinking out of the box and stuff..however, since I started with the blog, I might think that it is like 10% true..not completed though…I also have this new thing of wanting to learn a musical instrument..maybe it has something to do with my pisceanness
  3. Pisces is a nurturing sign: hmm..confused feeling on this one..I am a little nurturing..but I wouldn’t be too much of it..no patience for that
  4. Pisces are really emotional and are hurt easily : I am emotional, but only when i am by myself, I would not cry in the presence of others. Only people really close to me have the power to hurt me…if I don’t care for you..then I don’t give a damn…If I value or respect you then yes, small things that I think are important do hurt me a lot
  5. Pisces is always lost in thoughts: Yes, I do like to get lost in my world of happiness and butterflies…I like cute romantic things…I do tend to get lost in my fantasy world..maybe that is why I like to listening to songs..it helps me escape to a world where there are no problems
  6. Pisces live on gut feelings : True that!
  7. Pisces make good friends : This is a no brainer, this is true across all signs…If you are a friend, then yes, I will go out of my way to help you…I am always there to listen to you, give you a shoulder to cry on..I am quite funny as well…I would never lie to you..I am quite a good friend!

Other facts:

Very jovial, has a loud laugh, down to earth, very self-critical, not exactly the health freak, determined, has strong beliefs, level-headed, mature and child like at the same time…Oh! Shy!! very important…


Sorry for the long post! stopping now..




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