Music for the soul…


Everyone’s got their escape from reality…all the crap the goes on..a way to lose themselves..some sing, some dance, some read, some work out or go for a jog (I never understand these people)..some listen to music( I write as i hit the play button!)

Well, no credit for guessing, I escape though music…Whatever might be the problem, songs can fix it for me…there is just something about it that makes me feel at peace..

My iPod, my lap and my speakers are my most valuable possessions and I carry my lappy and my iPod wherever I go..

Its important I guess, for everyone to have an escape..You would go mad or else…and music has a very very close space to my my soul…


I like all kinds of songs as long as they are not loud or hip hop, also not a fan of trance music (I am always waiting for the song to start)..

Even the sad songs…they don’t necessarily make me sad..they still make me happy..make me sway to their melody…help me escape into a world where it’s just me and I don’t have to hide anything..don’t have to hide myself..its like all my emotions are out me feel extremely vulnerable and extremely strong at the same point..weird huh!!???

And not to forget the happy ones that can also make me forget all my insecurities and make me sing and dance like a maniac..not giving a fuck to the world..God! its a wonderful feeling..

I can never really feel alone as long as I have my songs…and weirdly enough..each song will have some memory to it…they need not necessarily be connected it any a sad song might have a happy one and a happy song a sad memory..but thats just how it goes..

Also, I awesome at lip syncing!!! 🙂




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