Being me…


Living by yourself..good thing or is it lonely?

I am not really sure about you guys..but i really enjoy it…i love the feeling of having the place to myself…go out and work, meet friends, have the best time of your life…but it must end with coming bak to your place..wheres its just you and no one else…where you can be your true self…

This is in the top of my bucket list…to once in my life stay by myself…till now i have always had a roommate…my next place was going to be just that..but i might be moving back that is not going to work out..but i still have my hopes…

Ahhh…the joy of having a home to yourself, decorate it the way you want, fill it photos/memories of your life, listen to songs on full volume, sing like a maniac, cook yummy food for yourself, manage a home….thats the dream!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I like hanging out with friends and going out just as much as the next person…but i like hanging out by myself as well…leave me with my laptop, speakers, internet and my bike (so i can go out for rides or buy groceries and stuff) and i will be a happy girl…

Things i plan to do when i get a place to myself:

  1. Make random lists apparently (if you’ve read my other would know)
  2. Listen to songs…all the live long day!!!!!
  3. Sing along!!!
  4. Have craaazzyyyy long showers
  5. Decorate the room with photos and angel lights
  6. Cook yummy food
  7. Spend my sundays by joining an instrument class – a piano maybe
  8. make the house look pretty and classy at the same time
  9. Find a hobby/ Join a NGO/ teach somewhere???..i dunno something for sure
  10. Just be true me…enjoy my time!!! 🙂 🙂





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