Real life problems…


Everybody’s got problem in their lives…big or small…what seems to big to us seems small to others…but what I fail to understand is, am I the only one who gets this logic??

When did we get into this  “i have the biggest problems in life, i shouldn’t even be getting out of bed, but i am so strong that i do…so you please shut up!!” competition? And how do i get out of this??

Lets face it, we all have our own problems…let me list down mine:

  1. My internet plan gets over by 25th of the month and have to survive the rest of the month with slow internet…can you believe it?!!??
  2. Everyday morning I have to get up and figure out what to wear to office and everyday after throwing all my clothes out of the wardrobe, i slowly realize that i have no clothes!!!
  3. I cannot for the life of me find my rubber band in the morning to tie my hair!! ok this is a real problem you guys!
  4. Every weekend is a task as me and my friends need to find something to do!!
  5. Don’t even get me started on the monthly bills…why should i have to pay for luxuries such as a place to stay, electricity, internet, credit card…why can’t i just have these things for free???
  6. Savings? what is that?
  7. Looking for hidden cash in all pockets and bags at the end of the month…
  8. Praying to god that my vehicle does not run out of fuel in the above mentioned month end
  9. Generally getting up in the morning is an impossible task sometimes..What? the bed loves me ok…i don’t want to hurt its feelings!!
  10. Do i grow my hair??Chop it all off?? Straighten it? Colour it??
  11. When auto correct changes the words that you want to stupid things but refuses to change ‘i’ to an ‘I’ and other things that make sense!!


See!!! these are real problems..add to this having to live alone..away from home and all your friends moving to different can get really hard sometimes..

But all these small silly problems make life a lot more fun and i make sure i count my blessings everyday and be grateful that i have so many wonderful things to complain about..




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