Goodbyes are not forever


By the time you are 24, you would think Goodbyes would be easier…you would have learnt that people don’t stay with you forever and some point you do have to bid goodbye and just if you are lucky wont be forever…Why is it still so hard?

Ms. Soul Sister has decided to move back home…(this is not that dramatic..we are from the same place and i will still meet her once a month..still..just let me be dramatic ok??)’s not like we met every other day or spoke on the phone everyday or something…its just that when your with someone for as long as we have been friends (we ve been the best of funds since 6th 14 years now) you enter this phase where you are ridiculously comfortable with each in a day we will have extremes of being crazy and being so into our phones that we ignore each other completely..

Some people come across diferent type of frnds in their life..she was all of them for me..she’s my 3:00 am friend…my lets randomly drive around in complete silence friend…the hey I’m alright, juts give my space frnd..the shut the fuck up and come out right nw find..the if my mom calls, I’m with you find..the hey, let’s get ice-cream find…the what the fuck are you doing with ur life frnd..well wat can i say..we’ve literally grown up together…we ve kept each other grounded…i love her with all my life and will miss the fact she won’t be here any more..

Bangalore just became a little less happy now…

(Again i say, i will meet her once a month when i go home and she’ll meet me once a month when she comes to bangalore….Shut up brain!! this is no time for logic!)






2 thoughts on “Goodbyes are not forever

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