Turning 24


I turned 24 recently and i have confused feelings about it…

Do i be happy that I’m growing up and being more independent and starting a new phase of life and stuff..cz as i recall..since i was young, thats all i wanted to be..a grown up…i should be happy right?

Do i be sad that I’m growing up and have responsibilities now and can’t be an irresponsible child anymore..kids are going to start calling me ‘Aunty’!!! aaaarrgghh!!! I have to work for my salary and need to give some at home instead of automatically getting pocket money every month..

But i guess if you have wonderful people around you then growing up isn’t all that bad..always keep people around you with who you can act like a child….i have my set of people..i have Mr. AB (you know him), my childhood best friend (lets call her My soul sister) and other friends from different phases of life…

I have the best time when i am with these guys…they make sure i don’t lose my head…and also are the main reason i am able to survive away from home..

Goals for my 24 Self:

  1. Be more independent
  2. Learn to drive a car properly
  3. Move back to Mangalore
  4. Save enough to take a vacation
  5. Drive around and chill
  6. Write more
  7. Read more
  8. Be more responsible
  9. Help out at home
  10. Buy an expensive gift for myself

Ok thats all i can think of…and hey i did have an amazing birthday..

I got flowers from a colleague, flowers from AB sent to office, Cupcakes from AB sent to office, a fun dinner with my friends, a super cute card+chocolates+flowers from my soul sister, a cake from my friends in my dept (a lot of it went on my face), a cake from my friends from a diff dept (definitely a surprise)





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