All work and No play?

Hi again,

So this one is dedicated to the people i work with. I work in a 12 member team which has 2 managers and the big boss

I have a lot of fun in office, i work with a great group of people. They are all however, much older than me, this is a new experience for me. I have never been able to connect with people elder to what do i talk to them?? what can we possibly have in common???

These guys changed my view, i get along great with them, so i am the youngest (Surprise Surprise!!), one guy elder than me but is still a company for me to be a child (a very good friend of mine), another guy who is elder than me but not married kinds – very very very funny!!!, all others are married with kids but super fun people

So this is the team, out of the 2 managers, I have no comments on one of them cz he still new, the other one is the one i report to. Confused feeling about this one, she gets along fine with the team  but is crazy at the same time. Loses her mind when she doe snot know what is happening around her, will call me like a million times a day, does not handle pressure very well, but at the end of the day,she’s nice to me cz i am the only sober one in the team who will not rebel against things.

Now coming to the big boss..well wat do i say about him that isn’t already told about crazy bosses?? i understand that a good boss cannot be your friend, but he takes the logic to a whole new level!!

Crazy rules/policies by the big boss:

  1. Do not laugh while you are working
  2. Do not talk while you are working
  3. Give half and hour updates on whatever is it that you  do (i guess that includes loo breaks also)
  4. Meet me everyday before you go and update me with what u have done for today
  5. Send me 5 million reports with the same information in different formats
  6. Call you to my cabin and make you stand for an hour while i yell at you and make you feel worthless
  7. Even if i see you outside of the debt, i am going to walk past you and ignore you
  8. When i leave in the evening if you are still in your seat, i am going to ignore you and walk away
  9. Dont listen to music while working
  10. Do not help your team members. Do your own work. This is not a charity!!

Well, i guess every office has to have someone like this..but all the other great guys make him bearable!!! Cheers to you guys!!






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