In the world of making acronyms for everything…Happy birthday seems to somehow be reduced to HBD…

For my last birthday, i used to say with my special someone..for all future references, lets call him Mr. AB (he has always wanted to be called that..i hate it..but for some bizarre reason, that is the only name that comes to head right nw…it ll change time to time..Mr. Ab, if you are reading this…dont be too happy with yourself)

So I used to stay with AB, so it would be quite difficult for him to plan a surprise for me..so after i left to work..he decorated the place so i would enter in the eve and be surprised…

Flexi time is an option to all..but a luxury to only a few as AB would still need to be in office  by max 11am, add to this, AB does not like to be late…so with the little time that he had, he decorated the house with balloons and ribbons and roses and all the pretty things…towards the end he thought he had enough ribbon left to write Happy birthday on the wall..but somehow could only manage HBD and being our normal indian self, we try to make sure we waste nothing..so with the little ribbon left, he added an ‘a’ in the end..making it my HBDA (to be pronounced exactly how you see it)


So back to the topic in hand..it was my HBDA on 18th March..but this blog seems to be long enough already..lets save that story for another blog..





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