I’m Home! But where are you??


So if you’ve read my previous blog…you would know that my roomie is having issues in her life..

We work together..that is how i know her and we get along quite well..we have our fun random moments..

She’s not been coming to work the last couple of days..almost a week i guess…and a lot of times i have come back to an empty house..however..somehow it never freaked me out much..

Today was different…i came home to a dark building (relax..there was no power thats all)

Below is my check box for once i get home

  1. Go straight to her room to make sure shes fine –  √
  2. Find an empty room cause shes not there – √
  3. Call her to check where she was and what time she’s coming home – √
  4. She tells me where she is and when she will be back and I sit happily with my lappy and enter into the world on internet – ×

So naturally, I freak out (keep in mind it was raining quite heavily, and rains in B’lore are bad) but luckily i had her friends number. I called the friend and get to know that they are on their way to the airport to fly to Pune (her frnds house) and She does not know when my roomie will be back..

The friend part of me was really worried and knew this was a bad move., however, i must admit, there was a part of me that was happy to have the house to myself as it was my birthday soon and i had a special someone coming over 😉




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