So, if you are wondering what the name means or who even is happy as a 24-year-old girl..where this is the story behind it…

It is really hard trying to put your identity into a name..one or 2 words that describe you..Phew! too much pressure…especially when your friends already have cool blog names or instagram names for themselves…I did try to most obvious solution – I googled it. Google seems to have let me down for the first time…

So I got to thinking and a lot has happened around me the last couple of days that made me pick the name:

  1.  My best friend from school broke up with her boyfriend..her supposed one true love..found after many one true loves…and is now homeless..added to that, she has a broken leg and must live with this one true love for the next 3 weeks. All this = lots of crying
  2. My roomie, has been fighting with her parents for as long as i can remember, to get married to her one true love. After a broken engagement to someone else and a lot of continues fights, both parents did finally agree for the wedding. However, she has now suddenly realized that the guy is not meant foe her and she cannot be happy with him after the wedding and has decided to call off the wedding a month before the date. All this = lots of crying
  3. One of my colleagues (I am the youngest in my office, all others are married with kids) is having issues with her husband and has a lot of fights with him which leads to her being very obviously sad in the office. I have a defect..i do not like it when people around me are sad which causes me to poke my nose to un-required places. So back to her, so she is sad in office – i ask her what was happening – take her to a room to talk – lots of crying

All these situations makes me really sad that i cannot think of adult things to say, so option number one for the blog – trying to be adult..which word press very kindly turned into trying to be an adult site..which i most certainly am not

All this drama also made me realize how I am lucky and happy to have my drama free life…hence the name…24andhappy!



me :0


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